Why isn’t my home selling?

Hey everybody,

I get this question a lot in today’s market; Alana, why isn’t my home selling?

I think the biggest mistake sellers make today is being a little too unrealistic about the value of their homes due to their emotional attachment and belief that a dollar-for-dollar system exists when it comes to upgrades.  Just because you may like it, it doesn’t mean a prospective buyer will.  You have to approach it objectively and remember that it’s still a business transaction.

My advice to a seller wanting to move their property as quickly as possible is that your home needs to be in a pristine condition.  Today’s market is a buyer’s market and so sellers need to keep that in mind as well.  I’m not saying you should just take any number for your property, but keeping the market status in perspective will only help you in negotiations.

Next time I’m going to be talking about a super cool promotional thing I’m going to be doing.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give me a call!


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