why isn’t my property moving?


I’ve compiled a short little checklist for those that have properties that just aren’t selling.  I have seen a lot of houses come and go throughout my career and those that have the most difficulty in moving often have similar traits.

Cleanliness is usually a common starting point.  Whenever your property is being shown, it needs be in a pristine condition.  Prospective buyers will want to envision themselves living there.  And nobody wants to live in a messy home!  The cleaner, model-quality homes tend to move much quicker than those that aren’t as well kept up.

Price is the next dastardly culprit.  Homeowners have a tendency to overvalue their properties.  While memories and effort are important, they don’t equate to dollar signs.  You have to be able to step back, assess the market and the market value and govern yourself accordingly.  If your property isn’t seen as good value, it doesn’t matter how many bells and whistles it has, it’s just not going to sell.

Location rounds out the list.  Unfortunately this is completely out of your control.  Sometimes a bad location can really hamper your ability to sell your property.  If your neighbors have let their properties go downhill, then chances are prospective buyers won’t want to move into the neighborhood.  Try to maintain a neighborhood standard and sometimes these problems can be avoided.

Please give me a call if you’re interested in selling your property. I’d love to help.


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